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When you think of Dracula, you remember the fairy tale you were told as a child about vampires, but in reality how much of the story was a myth? The name Dracula reminds children and adults alike of the vampire they have so often heard of in movies and books. However, his story was quite different from what they may have heard. This story blurs the line between fiction and fact, when Bram Stoker gains inspiration from actual events and creates a legendary character
Dracula is a vampire, hundreds of years old, with supernatural powers and weaknesses. He 's extremely physically strong and can shapeshift into several different forms. He also has hypnotic abilities that he can use to control people and nocturnal animals. Being a vampire, he can …show more content…

The classic vampire character from Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was inspired by the 15th century prince Vlad Dracul III (The Legend of Dracula). Upon making his immortal antagonist, Count Dracula, Stoker drew on popular Central European folktales about the undead, as well as records of prince Vlad Dracul III (Was Dracula a Real Person). Vlad’s father, Vlad II, had joined the Ordo Dracul, Order of the Dragon, before the birth of his son. Upon his birth, Vlad III acquired the name Dracula, meaning “Son of the Dragon.” However, Dracula was not the only name he acquired in his lifetime. “As ruler of Walachia, Vlad became notorious for the brutal tactics he employed against his enemies, including torture, mutilation, and mass murder” (Was Dracula a Real Person). These acts earned him the name Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, as he preferred impalement as his method of killing. “One of the most notable instances of Vlad’s sadistic acts concerned the impalement of hundreds of Saxon merchants and a place called Timpa Hill. Vlad allegedly feasted among the field of dying bodies as they writhed in agony, and was even said to drink the blood of his victims from a bowl” (The Legend of Dracula). These rumours are probably what inspired Stoker to create the legendary, bloodthirsty vampire named

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