Dreams In Langston Hughes's A Raisin In The Sun

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What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?(Hughes) A Raisin in the Sun becomes to be dry. At first, it might be fresh, but the grape is getting dry and becomes the raisin in the sun. In this way, the grape is changed and disappeared. I think that the raisin means the dream in this story. The dream of the family is deferred, dry and disappear as time goes by. I'm going to tell about how the dreams of each of the characters become. The story is about how to use the insurance money of the father. The each character has their own dream to use the money. The first character is Lena, who is a mother of the Walter. Lena is very faithful and honest person although she is poor. She always wants a new house and garden. …show more content…

Walter wants to begin the new business which is the liquid store rather than being a chauffeur. However the family except the Walter doesn't want to take an adventure and accept the Walter's idea. The dream of Walter is going to fall down, but the Lena believes Walter and give him the money which is the remainder of the money after buying new house, which is included the Beneatha's college money. Walter is surprised by belief of the family so he invests the money to a friend to start the new business, but the friend is gone with the money that has Walter and Beneatha's hopes. Walter gets discouraged and there is no way to reach his dream. At that time, the community of new house visits the family. They don't want the colored people in their community. They think that for the happiness of all concerned that our Negro families are happier when they live in their own communities (Hansberry 118). Thus, they suggest the money that is bigger than the money which is used for buying a new house. Because Walter needs the money, he tries to accept that suggestion and sell the new house. But he doesn't. He can accept the suggestion by giving up the conscience. But he learns how to live the life and what losing the conscience is losing everything. He turns back to the person who is poor but

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