Drug Crime In The 1990s

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In using the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the data shows that there was a steady increase in female arrests for drug sale/manufacturing and possession. It was claimed that in the 1990s there was a decline in violent crimes and in this data, we can see that there was an increase in a nonviolent crime. In looking at gender specifically, there is a disproportionate amount of who is getting arrested. Our team decided to research whether drug crime arrest rates decline equally across race and sex groups in the 1990s and it can be seen in my separate research that it did not decline equally. In Figure 1, we saw that there was a decline in arrests in 1988 and then a slow increase during the mid-1990s. This was the results that I was expecting because growing up I felt that there was an increase in public awareness on drugs and the militarization of police forces to combat drugs and punish those who were involved in the distribution of drugs.…show more content…
Another limitation of using the UCR is that it may not be reported and can be a part of dark figure crimes since many who are involved in drug possession and distribution are very discreet and often pay people or police to look the other way or threaten their lives. Although there is a variety of limitations, UCR has a lot of information being given by varies agencies. Overall, it seems there needs to be further investigation to explain the rise of nonviolent crimes during the

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