Duke Ellington's In A Sentimental Mood

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Have you ever thought of the changes that had to take place for all races to gain equality? The Harlem Renaissance was the revolution in America's history when the black community was being accepted and they were getting closer to equality to all. There were many things that sparked the Harlem Renaissance such as, such as jobs, opportunities for freedom and self-expression. The Harlem Renaissance is considered a Renaissance as it involved a change in the majority of society creating a rebirth type of event. The social change in this Renaissance was caused by the whites and blacks both starting to converge and easing the racial tensions. While, many people evolved and changed for the better the big outburst of pride and cultural during the …show more content…

Some people who perfected this were Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and Chick Webb. In many instances, Duke Ellington had many hit songs that really pushed the Harlem Renaissance along with the tone and sensation that it would provide to the listener. One of these songs, In a Sentimental Mood, really showcases his technique and style of music and how it attaches to people's mood. The tone of In a Sentimental Mood expresses the baffling times of pain and depressing ambiance. Another musician, who could do this was John Coltrane, with his reverent music and flair that really drove the point of inequality and the necessity of equality to those of every race. His music masterpiece, Blue Train, he expresses his thoughts and feeling through the rhythm and tone of the instruments throughout the song. However, there was another musician who saw another way to write music and still express himself as powerful of a demeanor as both Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. The musician who could do this was Chick Webb with his playful and fast rhythm that really gave people hope and compassion in what they were doing. This different flavor often would also entice those of the white community and have both groups grow closer. In the end, music played an essential role in inspiring people and keeping the Harlem Renaissance alive by playing to their feelings about the African American

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