EL Deafo Summary

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My book is EL Deafo by Cece Bell and the genre is a Graphic novel it has 233 pages in all. “ Evin with a hearing aid turned off, you hear Cece’s universal plea for acceptance friendship, and happiness through honest words and deftly drawn pictures” got this from the back of EL Deafo. Because it has middle school behavior. My protagonist is Cece bell she says that she is EL Deafo it is a character that she made up she is imaginative, humorous, funny, friendly, and funny. She has brown hair and bunny ears. Cece was singing a song and then she barfed her mom grabbed her and took her to the hospital. The doctor had to measure head then gave her a shot then they figured out that she had meningitis!! She was only four years old she had to take
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