Eastern State Prison Observation Report

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It’s October and you know what that means, Halloween is upon us. With Halloween around the corner the most popular activity to do is go to a haunted house. Curious teenagers, couples, families looking for a scare all attend haunted houses. And of course there is no other place you would go to in the tri-state area than Eastern Sate Penitentiary, a now national landmark and one time, operating prison. Eastern State Penitentiary is the largest haunted house in America. Living close to Philadelphia there is a lot of talk about Eastern State Penitentiary for being very scary, thrilling, a living on the edge type activity. On the night of October, 25th 2015 I attended Eastern State Penitentiary and I am here to tell you it did not live up to its …show more content…

Terror Behind the Walls is made up of six different haunted attractions, made up of six different cellblocks of the prison. As you go through the six cellblock, each one is better then the next. The first couple I was not impressed what so ever. I was neither scared nor startled. I go to the next one and it wasn’t really scary it was more fun. One of the actors grabbed me and threw me down a slide that was pitch black and did some twists and turns, I ended up a few people behind my friends so I had to catch up with them, which didn’t please me. The next three were definitely the best ones, but still not scary. One of the attractions you had to wear 3D glasses and it made the walk through a little more challenging to get through. By the end of the sixth one you’re finally enjoying being in this haunted prison and it just ends on you…. You walk out to the snack stands and everyone is curious where they need to go to get to the next attraction but then it hits you, its over. I looked at my friends disappointed. We drove an hour, we waited an hour and it ended within 35 minutes. Eastern State Penitentiary even though didn’t do its job scaring me or pleasing me after waiting 2 hours to get in, it did however have some good

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