Personal Narrative Essay About Myrtle Beach

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A vacation is the best when you are with your best friend and family. Myrtle Beach has all kinds of things you can do from cool activities to boardwalks and finally being in the ocean. A vacation has a lot of fun things to do and to see when your there sowe did a lot of stuff.

One thing about Myrtle beach was the cool activities. First, we went to the sky wheel, it was so high up you could see everything. Next, we went to get old type pictures it was so funny because you were wearing something that you would never imagine yourself wearing. Another thing is we went to an amusement park we went on all kinds of rides our favorite one was the log ride where you were in a log o water and it took you on two drops one was small and steep and the …show more content…

The first one we went to was on ocean boulevard. We went to two different ripley's places, we went to the ripley's believe it or not then the 4d movie theater and finally the mirror maze. We did not go in the haunted house because my brother was a scaredy cat. After that we just went to shop around. We found lot of good stores and got souvenirs. Finally we went to broadway at the beach. There we went to ripley's aquarium, it was not as good as we expected it to be even though I got to pet a shark. Next we went to an escape room. We did not make it out but we were so close all we had to do was get one more key

Finally my last favorite activity is being in the ocean. It was my first im in the ocean and it tasted bad. Anyway one of the days we went seashell hunting I stepped on a jellyfish but my shoes where on and then we ended up swimming in the water for like ten minutes. Another time we went on a banana boat ride to go parasailing. The sailing was fun and scary but it was also relaxing just sitting up in the air. Finally we went dolphin watching it was a lot of fun, we saw some dolphins but they did not jump really they just put their heads above water to eat food from the boat in front of

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