Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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A single citizen’s technically vote does not matter. At the same time it does. On the election day United States citizens do not vote for the presidential candidate directly. The votes go towards the popular vote of that particular state. Then as a state a candidate is chosen. The amount of influence a state has on the election depends on how many districts it has, and a district is determined by population. The more people in a state the more powerful that state is on election day. This is because one candidate can win the popular vote by a landslide but if the opposing candidate wins key overall state votes he or she would win. Many people do not agree with the way the United States elects the president. Some believe it should be abolished…show more content…
The electoral college is a good system, it ensures everyone 's vote matters, as well as there is not the chance of either candidate not taking a majority vote, continues the federal system of government established by the founding fathers, and you know you are going to get a winner for…show more content…
The electoral college keeps the federal system of government. Our founding fathers spent hours debating and creating our current system of government and election systems. The federal system has lasted america hundreds of years without fail. Many say current government officials should not mess with a seemingly flawless system. The current election systems ensures the people have a say in who is elected president but do not hold all of the power. Citizens have a say but at the same time uneducated people are not able to solely choose the next president of the United States. As Alexander Hamilton, an american statesmen and one of the founding fathers, said, “It was equally desirable, that the immediate election should be made by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station” (document 1). Alexander Hamilton is saying smart, educated men should be the ones deciding who should become the next president. The United States has had the same system that has worked flawlessly, there is no reason to change a system that is still working

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