Persuasive Essay On Electoral College

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The Electoral College system is confusing. I'm ashamed to say that when I was casting my vote for a certain person; I had no clue all of the behind the scenes action. I'm actually voting for someone else(electors) who will vote for the same candidate as I have chosen but whose name doesn't appear anywhere on the ballot. . I heard of the Electoral College and Popular votes before but never really understand what it entailed. Voting is a process not just a checkmark to a name on a ballot. The United States Consitution specially states legislators decide how electors are chosen in their states. They electors then pledge their support to the candidate that we have chosen. It's crazy to think that my vote for the person I think is best for the job isn't actually counted. I vote for a …show more content…

Also I think that if the candidates are looking for the electotal votes; then the states with the most electoral votes gets the most attention. They need to concentrate on the states with the most electoral votes. The smaller states or states with lesser electoral votes gets little to no attention. One good aspect of the Electoral College is that it makes more sense to the smaller states to ensure they still have a voice in the elections. If the President were to be elected by popular demand; they would be from a highly populated state leaving less room for the smaller states to cast their votes. They would be overshadowed. The numbers would reflect the population values versus what the people as a whole want. I remember the craziness that came with the Al Gore/ George W. Bush Campaign in 2000. It took days and recounts to accurately find out who the new President Of The United States would be. Had it not been for the Electoral College; Al Gore would of been president. Mr. Gore had won more nationwide votes but It came down to Florida's 25

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