Elements Of Dialectical Journal For 12 Years A Slave

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12 Years A Slave Journal Entries Prompt 1: Setting In 12 Years A Slave Solomon Northup or “Platt” as portrayed in the book is a free black man that lived in New York. Solomon was married to Anne Northup and had three kids: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alonzo. Northup worked as a multifaceted laborer and also played violin, being very skillful and talented at it. He was offered to play at a circus being able to make good money. Deciding to take the offer he traveled to Washington D.C. Northup was then drugged and kidnapped and awowke to being imprisoned in the slave pen of James H. Burch, who was a extremely abusive slave trader in Washington D.C. Solomon was then transported to New Orleans, Louisiana transferred into the slave pen of Freeman …show more content…

A freeman that lived in Saratoga, New York, with his wife Anne Northup and their three kids: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alonzo Northup. He absolutely loved his family, anything he did was for them. When he got the opportunity to make good money he took it because he thought of his family. Unfortunately he was drugged and kidnapped awoke to being held captive in a slave pen. Solomon was no longer a freeman, he was now considered a slave which changed everything. Solomon was in James H. Burch’s slave pen a very cruel slaveholder. When Solomon protested that he was a freeman and having the right to freedom James responded by beating him and threatening to kill him if he ever talked about his freedom again. Solomon protesting indicates that he believes in speaking for what he believes in and in what is right. He probably wasn’t expecting to get beat for stating his freedom and the right to it, but it was the truth he truly was a freeman that should not have been held captive. Solomon then ends up being with William Ford his new slave master. With William Ford, Solomon does very good, Solomon finds a way for Ford to save a lot of time and money by transporting lumber via waterway instead of by land. Not only is Solomon caring and very into what’s right but he’s also very clever, with the right treatment Solomon did better. Solomon is then sold to John M. Tibeats where he comes across a lot of abusiveness. One day John Tibeats was going to whip Solomon, Solomon being the stronger of the two turned it around whipping him instead. Solomon stood up for himself, he was tired of getting a beating for no reason so he did something

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