Elie Wiesel's 'Aimel': A Fictional Narrative

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Aimel, you can 't do this to me. Remember your promise, you said you 'll marry me, we were supposed to have lots of children, you said we would grow old together. You can 't back out of these promises. You have to fulfill them. You can 't leave me. Aimel, are you listening, damn it? ' Soft drizzle followed by a loud thunder. However, Arsalaan, unaware of his whereabouts was on the verge of loosing his sanity. His fiancé, lying in her own pool of blood, in his arms barely held onto the thread of her life. He couldn 't believe it was happening to him. They were suppose to marry tonight. This can 't be the end, they had only just begun. Arsalaan never told, how important her existence was for his survival. Being not very good with words, he counted himself among those who didn 't believe in profuse colloquy, nevertheless, seeing her like that, he tried his best to express himself, very much afraid of the …show more content…

'You remember that? ' Caressing her cheeks softly, he wished the time would turn back itself. He recalled how he needed the most consolation, due to his inadvertent heinous act. They had recaptured their lands from the rival clan, at the cost of a terrible war and Arsalaan, questioning the worth of so many mutilated bodies, was unable to find his equilibrium. Confining himself in a small cottage away from civilization, he attained to acquire a small fraction of solace in order to pacify his conscious, for the time being. The genetic mutation triggered by anger which turned him into a treacherous evil, made his life even more forlorn. Giving up entirely to ever find the peace in his cursed life, he tried every expertise to steer his mind into another direction, when suddenly, an innocent voice gained his focus, who needed protection from his own world. Aimel. From then on, everyday she gave him, part of her splendor in a mysterious manner. Her happiness, her brightness and her selflessness, made him her prisoner. How was he supposed to survive in the world

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