Symbolism And Irony In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel

Hundreds of bodies being thrown like a sack of potatoes and nobody caring about who they might be or who their family is. Father and sons wouldn't even look at each other, some even killed one another for food or they are delusional. That was the Holocaust, over 1 million jews killed. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel. Elie wrote his life story by using symbolism, tone, and irony to explain and tell the readers about his traumatic memories of his teen years. Elie and his father had a good father and son relationship. Their relationship had little things that Elie would do for his father and his father doing the same for him,compassion, and fright that made them become closer to each other. It was the little things like questions,looks, and teaching something to one another.

After the selection Elie and his dad met up halfway to the barracks and asked each other if they made the selection. “ …show more content…

“‘My son,they are beating me!’ ‘Who?’ ‘him,the frenchman.. And the pole..they beat me…’ one more stab to the heart,one more reason to less reason to live.’Eliezer… Eliezer… tell them not to beat me… I havent done anything… Why are they beating me?’”(109).Elie began to insult his neighbors. They mocked him and all he got was laughed at. He later found out that they couldn't stand Mr.Wiesel because he was no longer stand to go outside to relieve himself. Elie wanted to wish his father a happy new year but was scared to do so. He no longer believed. All Elie did was go up to his father and kiss his and but felt a tear on his cheek either his or his fathers, it didn't matter to him. When idek was trying to get Elie’s gold crown but his father stopped him from doing so, even if it meant for Shlomo (Mr.Wiesel) took beating the beatings from Idek. Fright took over Elie's body during these years with his father his only family member that he knew was

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