Father Son Relationships In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Think of a circumstance where you were so hungry and thirsty, that you did not even care to think about your father anymore. That circumstance goes against common father-son relationships. The common father-son motif is where the father looks out and cares for the son. In the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel, he explains why the circumstances around a father-son relationship can change their relationship, whether it 's for the better or the worse. Since the book is about the life of Elie in a Nazi concentration camp, the circumstances were harsh and took a toll on multiple father-son relationships. You can see this with Elies reaction to his father 's death, Elie 's relationship with his father throughout the story, and other sons reactions to their fathers bad state of health. Elie’s dad dying did not have a huge toll on him. The quote, “Free at last,” (pg 112) shows that he was happy he did not have to care for his dad anymore. Furthermore, Elie also said, “I no longer thought of my dad.” (pg 113) This quote shows that the circumstances were so bad in the concentration camp that he thought of food more than his father. This goes …show more content…

Elie’s relationship with his dad over the course of the story changed drastically. The quote, “My father was running left to right exhausted, consoling friends,” (pg 15) shows the reader that Elie 's father tried to keep everyone calm, which means he always did the same for Elie. That shows they had a strong relationship at the start of the story. Accordingly, the quote, “Father! Father! Wake up, they’re going to throw you out the side!” (pg 99) shows the reader that midway through the story Elie still really cared about his father and did not want him to die. He still had hope that his dad could survive. However, this quote at the end of the story, “I no longer thought of my father,” (pg 113) showed that he lost all hope and only thought about himself and his own health due to the circumstances. Also, Elie was not the only son going through

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