Guilt In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie 's inaction or inability to help his father and his guilt for not doing so helped Elie to shape the person he has become now is because he kept on realizing his stand on the situation on the harsh behavior towards his father.As he starts to live more with his father he became started to realize how important he was to him and how important he is for him.In the book Night, Chapter 7, when Elie and his after were on the cattle car he said"My father had huddled near me, draped in his blanket, shoulders laden with snow. And what if he were dead as well? I called out to him. No response. I would have screamed if I could have. He was not moving"(98).This is an example of how Elie cared about his father and he is feared that he would lose him.Over

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