Summary Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Experiences that affect people emotionally will often alter their mindsets, causing them to change their beliefs. When Elie’s father first become sick, Elie is forced to take on a lot of responsibility to care for him. As the days pass, Elie begins to lose hope that his father will ever get better, as his father becomes bedridden and could barely speak. This takes changes Elie emotionally, changing his perspective regarding the one person he cares for the most. When Elie can not find his father while they are running with the mob, he begins to consider the possible outcomes of the situation, wickedly thinking,“if only [he] [is] relieved of this responsibility, [he] could use all [his] strength to fight for [his] own survival, to take care only of [himself]…” (Wiesel 111). Elie …show more content…

Worse: [he] [is] angry with [his father] for having been noisy, for having cried, for provoking the wrath of the SS” (Wiesel 137). Elie’s father calls out to Elie multiple times while dying, and Elie, knowing that responding would provoke the SS guards, does not speak. This leads to the SS guards beating his father regardless. The fear of the SS beating Elie as well causes Elie to be angry with his father for causing a ruckus. In the final moments of Elie’s father’s life, Elie has no faith remaining in his father whatsoever. This is shown through Elie’s cruel thoughts, letting the SS beat his father because his father is creating so much noise. The traumatic experience of being near life and death at the hands of an SS guard causes whatever faith Elie had in his father to completely disappear. Elie’s humanity is not present. Wiesel shows the deterioration of the relationship through the descriptions about his father. His loss of faith in his father’s survival is shown to be completely diminished as Elie leaves him to

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