Engel Vs. Vitale Case Study

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The United States of America was founded by people who were mainly trying to escape from some religious laws, to gain religious freedom or religion equality. Most of America 's first immigrants were Christians, therefore is no surprise the country is built on and with Christian morals. During 1980 a large population of immigrants came into U.S, this group of immigrants came from 5 different continents, with different religious backgrounds. However, the largest religious group among this large population of immigrants were Christians. About one-third of this immigrant who are not Christians find it difficult and unsafe to stay in a country where Christians seem to have an upper hand, very few of this people have stepped out from their comfort…show more content…
Vitale. The case of Engel v. Vitale was brought up by a group of families from New Hyde park, New York, they were up against the voluntary prayer written by the state board to God, in other words, the study board wrote a Christian prayer up for public students who wants it. A group of parent under their leader Steven Engel(a jihadist) were not Christians and they believed this prayer contradicted their religion, they argued opening a public school with such prayer violates the clause of the first Amendment and the fourteenth amendment. At the end of this case, the court ruled government- written prayers may not be recited in public schools because it violates the first amendment. However these public school students were given a choice they were not forced to pray this prayer, moreover, this particular prayer was not sponsored by taxpayer’s money. Engel won this case. furthermore, steven Engel backed a court case on removing silent prayer in Alabama, which he succeeds in doing. Steven Engel is considered by many one the father of public schools without…show more content…
Although public school prayers violate the separation of church and state, that doesn’t mean the U.S supreme court can replace freedom of religion with freedom from religion. Most of them argue the gov’t is meant for everyone, it should be neutral while protecting all. Alabama, Montana, north Dakota and Maryland are the only state out of 54 states to allow public prayer and religious groups, club and programs in public schools, but on conditions like students will not be forced to cooperate in prayer, furthermore students are allowed to have a moment of silence (in Virginia) and teaching of the positive-negative side of different religion. There is a possibility someday, someone will sue a Virginia school because of it moment of silence time. The justice system needs to draw a clear line between religion and the people 's
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