Prayer In Public Schools

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School prayer in the public school setting has always been a controversial issue. For decades society has been divided into whether students should or should not be allowed to pray at school and school functions. There have been many court cases to decide this issue. Those that oppose it believe there is a definite separation of church and state. On the other side, people believe that prayer in schools is constitutional and is confirmed by the belief of freedom of religion. Our country was founded on religious beliefs so therefore it should be present in the school setting as well. Allowing for prayer would allow for morals and values to be present in the educational setting. In fact there is prayer present right now in education with a moment of silence offered daily during the beginning of the day. I believe that prayer in the classroom should be allowed and there many benefits of it.
Those that are opposed believe that there should be separation of church and state. The school’s main purpose should be to educate children not expose them to religion as well. They feel …show more content…

In our daily lives, there is unrest and parents are no longer parenting. They rely on the school to teach and give them morals and values as well. Allowing prayer in the classroom, would guide students to make the right decisions and better choices. Morals and prayer go hand in hand. There needs to be a knowledge of right and wrong and the consequences that goes with their decisions. This seems to be very lacking in our society today. The public school system is sadly disintegrating by the rise in school shootings, increasing drug use, alcoholism, and teen pregnancy. School prayer could help fight these issues.
Allowing students to pray in a public school causes many mixed emotions from a variety of people. There are those that support it and then those that think it doesn’t need to be present in an educational

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