Gilgamesh As An Epic Hero Trope In Sunjata

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Sunjata is considered to be an epic with the similar elements how Epic heroes have a strong association with the supernatural hand how they use the power.
Most of the time, the introduction of an epic has described how the hero is interpreted, commonly near perfection also a beholder of supernatural powers. The biggest aspect how the supernatural is vital in the Epic hero trope is based on creations of god, preferably a demigod. In Gilgamesh, the main protagonist is two thirds of him is a god while only one third is human, because he is descended from Ninsun, “goddess in the shape of a wild cow.” As a result with Gilgamesh being a demigod, cause a great deal towards his perfection. Unlike Gilgamesh, Achilles introduction was scattered yet has …show more content…

Within line 53to line 64 in Gilgamesh explains he is ideal throughout the culture in height and appearance along with the power of inhuman strength based on the recklessness. After the death of Enkidu, Gilgamesh wishes to possess is immortality from a plant, unfortunately he wasn’t able to obtain it because a snake ate it. The muses in Achilles foreshadowed his death, yet states his immortal in every aspect of his body except the hell which how he met his fate. Achilles also had the ability persuaded the gods to defeat of the Trojans by sending down natural disasters and diseases (INSERT EXAMPLE). In the story, the power of immortality was given to him when his mother dipped Achilles into a river as a child from his mother. Sunjata displayed the possession of inhuman strength as a child when he carried a baobab tree to his mother’s yard. Another example is that Sunjata wasn’t able to walk during the first few years, yet he resumes walking after he broke an iron staff. He was divine compared to other human beings because for 7 years, the mother was drank poison meant to cause her a miscarriage. Over the years, Sunjata poses powerful dalilu and use it to defeat the powerful wizard,

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