Essay About The House On Mango Street

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When growing up your parents teach you the do’s and the don’ts off life. As a child we obey those factors, but as child grows into a young adult they are going to experience a rude awakening. Parents are there to prepare us for what is out there in the real world. The world is not an easy place to live in. When we are young we see the world as a fairytale. We imagine ourselves finding a prince, or the princess. We get married and most likely end up living in a ginormous house or “castle”. Yet all of this is one huge imagination. Normally you have a person that you look up to. In the novel Esperanza looks up to a girl named Sally. Esperanza met Sally when she moved to the House on Mango Street. Sally is the more sexual type of girl. She is boy crazy, but on the other hand Esperanza happens to think she is the most…show more content…
Knowing that the they are going to keep getting abused repeatedly. Esperanza says “ She is in love, but I think she did it to escape” page 101. Living during that time while being a female was hard. Men did not treat with respect. In the novel Esperanza explains how Sally says that she “Enjoys her life” page 104. When really, Sally’s husband wont allow her to have any of her friends over. Sense her husband wont allow her to do anything without his permission, Sally has begun to enjoy staring at the walls. We know from this that in reality Sally only wanted to escape, but she only made her situation worse. Esperanza is learning from the mistakes that Sally has made in her life. Esperanza fells sad for Sally, she always looked up to her, but now Sally is slowly rotting away. Even though Sally is made mistakes in her childhood Esperanza is taking in the things she should not be doing. She knows about how boys will try and talk to you because of “Hips” or your “Looks” Esperanza has learned from her friends mistakes. She is slowly maturing into a young
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