Essay On A Hero's Journey

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Many readers read The Lord of the Rings as an embodiment of the World War II, while some read it as a representation of Cold War, where the ring is an atomic power. However, Tolkien wrote this book only because he liked reading this type of narrative. Dante Alighieri and Tolkien lived in totally different time periods but their ideas about evil were somewhat similar. Dante’s The Divine Comedy is presented in a form of a journey, just like The Lord of the Rings. The one who journeys is Dante himself who hopes to gain immense knowledge from his experiences and then return back and share his knowledge with others. On his journey he encounters a lot of obstacles like he comes to face to face with three beasts, who also are symbolic of three main …show more content…

His leaving for the blessed Realm is also similar to Christ’s departing to heaven. Tolkien is of the view that nobody is born evil, but everyone is born good since human beings are given choices to make for themselves; some choose to walk the path of good while the others turn to corruption. Frodo decided to take the long and tiring journey to Mordor, just to wipe out evil he could have easily said no and got rid of this responsibility but he made the choice which made him rise in front of his own eyes. Along with Frodo the Ring also travels, its evil power is something that affects everyone who comes even near to in contact with it. Throughout its lifetime, this One Ring has only traveled, being the cause of all misery. First it was with Gollum devouring him of sunlight and company, he stayed alone almost all his life just because of the Ring. But Gollum had no power to control himself he did not try to question or refuse the power of the Ring. But Bilbo somewhere had that power and that helped him not to turn into a nasty being, similarly Frodo also had that kind of self-control, even though the ring sometimes took him over but he still fought his internal

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