The Devine Comedy In Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy

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Inferno is the beginning section of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. The story starts in the year of 1300, at Covenant Thursday or Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. This long narrative and epic poem along with other two stories in The Devine Comedy, have known to be composed between 1308 and 1320. Dante’s Inferno is about the journey of Dante through the nine circles of Hell with the guidance from Virgil who was an ancient Roman poet. Dante began his journey at night before Good Friday and then came out from Hell early in the morning of Easter on Sunday, so this journey took only two full days long. There are some major ideas I can find in Dante’s Inferno. The main and obvious theme is to educate humans not to do bad things or else they will end up in Hell and receive the painful sufferings as punishments for what they have done wrong. For example, in the second circle of hell, people who are untrue to their lover, who are too obsessed with lust and lead to adultery will eternally being blown by the huge, strong and unstoppable storm and they will never be able to rest or encounter with peace. This is the result of having endless desires in lust and being unfaithful to their husband or wife. In this circle, Dante found some of famous historical people, such as Francesca da Rimini, Paolo, Tristian, Helen of Troy, and Cleopatra. The punishment that these people receive will scare other people and remind them not the commit any of these things. The descriptions

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