10 Pin Bowling Research Paper

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Chucking balls down a lane at pins sounds like fun right? Well it is it's called bowling. It has been a fun game played by many generations of people. Bowling had a legacy of fun, popularity and has a lot of things to know about it, but it is starting to lose its value. Bowling is a leisurely sport where you roll a ball down a lane and try to knock down all ten pins. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports. It can also be called ten pin bowling. In ten pin bowling the person throwing the ball is called a bowler. The objective is to throw the bowling ball down the lane and get as many pins down as you can. To get a high score you need a lot of total pin fall. Three finger holes are drilled in a normal bowling ball. It weighs anywhere …show more content…

There is Plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Particle. The huge difference with the type of coverstock is it performance and how it reacts on the lane. When the ball is thrown down the lane it will it creates friction with the surface of the lane. The most friction created the greater the chance the ball will curve or hook. The amount of friction created depends on the coverstock of the bowling ball. The plastic ball is the one that creates the least amount of friction. The surface of it is very smooth. For more advanced bowlers they will use this kind for a spare ball. It is very predictable to tell when it will curve. The Urethane ball is made of a more durable plastic. It creates a little bit more friction with the surface of the lane than the plastic ball. It is still very controllable and also creates a little hook potential. The Reactive Resin is less durable than the plastic and the urethane but it offer a lot of hook potential, friction, and pin action. It is very sensitive to the lane conditions, and operator errors. It is usually a little more difficult to control. This ball is designed for more advanced bowlers. The particle proactive is “like a snow tire with chains”.(4) It has a bumpy surface so it can dig into the lane. It makes the most friction or all. If you are an advanced bowler or a pro bowler you need one of these in your arsenal of bowling balls. There are two kinds of weights. The high mass and the low mass. The high mass is shaped kind of like a pancake. It is also usually placed near the shell of the bal. This weight would be in the plastic or the Urethane bowling ball because it wont put a big curve or hook on it. The low mass weight can be in many different shapes and densities. It is placed more in the center of the bowling ball. This would be the kind in the Reactive Resin and the Particle Proactive because they tend to have a big curve or

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