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Macbeth is a Shakespearean play about a man called Macbeth who becomes evil in a rise to power. The play has many characters who change throughout, in ways more than one. These changes add layers and meaning to the drama and are shown in many ways. A very important character in this play by William Shakespeare is Macbeth, who starts off as Thane of Glamis, and extremely loyal to King Duncan. This character’s first scene of the play is him after killing a traitor to King Duncan. This good side of Macbeth eventually deteriorates, however, as he fights for power and kingship by killing not only King Duncan, but many others. He ends up as a much hated king who is eventually killed. The character of Macbeth shifts from a favourable, loyal person to one that is destructive and consumed by power. This idea is analysed by Shakespeare by the way of his power in his marriage, how he involved himself with the witches, and how willing he was to do things. The first way that Macbeth’s change was shown in the play is how strong he was inside of his relationship with Lady Macbeth. Macbeth starts of as an unsure character in reaction to Lady Macbeth’s plans. He struggles with his conscience because there are reasons against killing King Duncan; including the fact that he works …show more content…

But this didn’t happen on its own; things that affected his character were his power and confidence in front of others, how his relations to the witches increased, and his insufficient restraint in evil activities. There are many sides to this powerful drama, including different sides to just one character. This essay could be written about nearly any of the roles in the play and would still be just as layered with many different examples. Macbeth is a play with an incredible example of character development, and how those things change; therefore it creates an interesting story which makes a reader

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