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Language is a complex system of communication that is developed to convey thoughts, feelings, and meaning. In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, language is used as a device for manipulation shifting one’s perception of the truth as the play forms recurring motifs relating to the dichotomy of appearance versus reality. This is seen through the character Claudius, a politician that takes the throne by pouring poison into the King’s ear, then marries the Queen. During Act 1 his ability is shown through his speech filled with oxymorons such as “defeated joy” (I.II.10) to express grief over the King’s death, but then turns to talk about celebrating his marriage to Gertrude. Figuratively, he pours poison into others’ ears to reshape the appearance …show more content…

The verbal irony is meant to portray him as a praising uncle wishing him luck when he really means to kill Hamlet with the poisoned drink actually destroying his health. Having multiple methods to kill him leads to the turnout of the events as the Queen drinks from the cup. He tries to say “she swoons to see them bleed” (V.II.327) seeing that his plan has backfired, and quickly uses his words to hide it. When she dies, she exposes that it is him that poisoned the drink which leads to Laertes opening to strike Hamlet. Then Hamlet strikes him with the poisoned rapier which leads Laertes to open up about Claudius’s plan. Finally, this provokes Hamlet enough to kill him with his own drink before he dies off. His deception has failed in these events because of his need to create tricks as a cover-up. To think if he had simply stuck to just the poisoned weapon he could have succeeded. Ultimately, the use of Claudius is to reveal how language can be used to manipulate and deceive others to not knowing the truth. He shows us that situations can be perceived another way based on the use of

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