How Did Railroads Affect America After The Civil War

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How did railroads impact America after the Civil War? Throughout history, transportation has helped move people and materials around in civilizations. Transportation has enabled the growth of cities and has further increased the development of complex societies. A method of transportation widely used is the system of railroads; before cars and airplanes became popular, trains dominated passenger and freight services due to their simplicity and business versatility. Railroads became more widespread in the United States after economic damages caused by the Civil War. The Civil War was caused by the secession of the Southern States due to controversies over allowing slavery in the United States. The North did not want slavery while the South depended on inexpensive slave labor for its agrarian society. As a result of the Civil War, the South’s economy was crippled since it could no longer depend solely on cotton as a result of slavery being outlawed in the 13th Amendment. As a result of the crippled economy, the South needed to be “reconstructed” meaning that it had to diversify its economy beyond agriculture. A way that the United …show more content…

Railroads allow for the movement of goods and people conveniently and quickly with few delays as compared to other modes of transportation. Cars and planes did not exist in the late 19th century and trains were astronomically important for the success of cities in the United States. While other forms of transportation fill the void that existed in the past, the efficiency of those modes of transport will keep declining over time as more cars hit the road and planes take off. Trains can be indefinitely expanded since it does not have to share its space with other vehicles. Railroads have paved the way for industrial America and will continue to as long as people and goods need to be

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