Essay On Mercutio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Youthful, star-crossed, desperate. Whose repercussions most shook the ill-fated souls of Romeo and Juliet? An arrogant, battle-prone kinsman of the prince, with boisterous character. Mercutio, of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, had the most profound effect upon the fates of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo’s aversion to take part in the Capulet masque was overturned by Mercutio’s persistence, giving way to the happenstance of Romeo and Juliet’s meeting. This first insistence comes when Mercutio addresses the merry group, calling that, “gentle Romeo, we must have you dance,” (Shakespeare I.iv.13). Mercutio is trying to cheer Romeo up, by having him dance, to get him out of his loving rut. Soon after, Romeo stakes the claim that he had a dream, presaging death, made due from the ensuing party. Mercutio taunts him, saying “that dreamers often lie,” and rants about the fictional Queen Mab (Shakespeare I.iv.50-115). Romeo adamancy ultimately succumbs after calming Mercutio, and after a final hesitation, goes to the masque. …show more content…

Mercutio’s impact upon fate is displayed through Romeo’s participation of the party, because it was destiny that brought Romeo and Juliet together. This never would have happened, though, without Mercutio’s urging. Others may claim that Romeo would have gone to this masquerade no matter Mercutio’s perseverance, to see his love, Rosaline. The flaw in this reasoning is that Romeo’s dream foretold an evil omen, and without insistence, he would have trusted his instincts, and not have went. So, Romeo’s fateful encounter with Juliet was a result of Mercutio’s

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