Essay On My Relationship With My Sister

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Have you ever had a relationship in life that started out okay, but turned into an awkward and fragmented relationship? I have, and it started between my older sister and me. We grew up together as good siblings, playing hide and seek and doing what normal siblings would do. But later in life, things started to take a darker and unnatural turn which disturbed me as a person. In this paper, I will discuss my relationship with my sister by describing my earlier years with her, and I will also discuss what led to our relationship becoming fragmented through my later years in life. When I was very young, my older sister Stephanie was very outgoing and wanted to play a lot. She constantly wanted to play hide and seek, and she also wanted to have …show more content…

When she was 20, she decided to leave the house and run away from home to live with someone else. I felt a massive amount of cognitive dissonance because her behaviors were not associated with the Stephanie I grew up with in my childhood. I felt uncomfortable with the fact that she left the house for no apparent reason, and it felt unusual to me that she would go and do this. She never seemed like she was going to leave the house and disappear from my life for a month. She also never wanted to be away from my younger sister and me. She wanted to stay close to me and my younger sister. I also felt a massive amount of cognitive dissonance when she came home from wherever she came from and announced that she wanted to be a boy. Her behavior was inconsistent because she never thought or talked to us about being a boy when she was younger. She had always wanted to be a girl, and wanted to be herself before this point in time. Her behavior of wanting to be a boy made me extremely uncomfortable because she seemed like a completely different person than I had known her growing up. Cognitive dissonance refers to a “feeling of discomfort resulting from inconsistent attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors” (West

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