Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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My mom, my sweet, gentle mom. My mom is like my sister, we love to talk about juicy stuff and love to share with each other what we did during the day. I don 't like to imagine myself without her because she is basically my life. She is caring and kind and always have a smile on her face when she sees me. When I say her name I get a picture of her in my mind. She is 32 and looks like she is 20. My mom is short but mighty. She´s tan like the warm sand, and her hair is black as the night sky. Her eyes are like chocolate chips, and her beautiful smile is like seeing the sun for a long time. When we go to new places everyone says that I look like her and I can actually see it. My mom is beautiful and kind just like me. I don 't know what story to tell you, me and my mom went through a lot of stuff and she is a very classic woman and she isn 't lazy or to fancy she is just right. She loves taking care of me and siblings. My mom and I have a lot of stories to share. One was in six grade when I was in a bad place with a friend. I told my mom everything that happened. She said in a sweet and lovely way, ¨If she doesn 't want to be your friend she is the one losing because you are a very nice, kind, sweet, and lovely friend that´s going to give her good advice. So don 't feel bad and don 't let this bring you down or change the way you are as a friend.¨ That 's when I started to stop and rethink what my mom said. I realized I didn 't need that

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