Descriptive Essay About My Grandmother

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Ana Buha is a wise woman from a small place in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina called Vitez. She is a hard-working mother and wife. Ana is my grandmother who gave everything to her three kids: my mom, and two of my uncles. She is one of the most interesting and funny people I know. Her life stories make me cry and laugh at the same time. Over her 64 years of being on this planet, she experienced happiness, tragedy, loss war and love.

Christmas time is one of those especially rare moments in the year when the whole family comes together and shares the love. But what is Christmas without gifts in this highly materialistic world? I thought that my grandmother would be a perfect person to explain to me what the gift really means to her.

We sat in the kitchen which was full of holiday meals, cakes, and drinks. My pen and my notebook were my best friends during this interview which lasted for more than 40 minutes. She prepared the most amazing tea which was a throwback to my childhood when I was living with Ana. Several wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree were the overture to our conversation – the gift.

Ana is a person who is not necessarily materialistic. She said that she is never fully happy when she receives gifts because it makes her feel like she needs to give something in return. Even …show more content…

My grandmother kept the ring for almost 48 years and she feels like it 's a part of her being. After giving her the promise ring, she felt obligated to admit her feelings to her family. Ana was scared to face her parents in that way. Her dad was extremely strict and his military days had a huge impact on his thinking. She talked to her mother, and when she agreed, they both decided to talk to Ana 's dad. At first, he was not supporting her decision but after meeting Josip, he gave up and let her live her life as she

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