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As time and age inch around the corner, the items that are gathered throughout the years become memorabilia. Many of those items are valued less because there was not much love that went into making them. However, my parents are true reminders that homemade gifts are greater than any store-bought gift. Since I was a baby, Christmas has been a magical time of year for my family. There were red and green lights glimmering around the house, family members smiling, and mounds of gifts underneath the tree just waiting to be ripped open by my little hands. When I was around four years old, my parents wanted to surprise me with a special gift, which made that Christmas one to remember. I almost forgot that I had more gifts to unwrap because I was focused on discovering what my parents made me. I was not allowed to know what the special present was until Christmas day, no matter how many times I begged them to tell me. When I woke up Christmas morning, I was beaming with excitement, but I was still groggy like a bear waking up from hibernation. Since I was so excited to open the other presents, I forgot that my parents had a surprise for me. When my parents revealed that they had made me a train table, I was ecstatic. All the other gifts I received were great, but the only thing on my mind was the table. I never thought my …show more content…

The people that visited my house, would admire the table, and compliment both of my parents on their handy work. A couple years later, I was told my train table had to be sold because I was getting older, and it was taking up too much space in my room. I was upset to never see my train table again because I knew that my parents worked hard to make it. I can still see the vibrant blue and every inch of the little town. I do not know if the table is still being played with because sometimes when I think about my train table, I feel as if it has been destroyed in a fire or has been thrown

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