Kitsch Sweeter Side Analysis

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Kitsch is typically seen as bad art or for those who like it to have bad taste, but it’s something I disagree with. Kitsch is something I grew up around. Kitsch tends to apply to one’s sweeter side; make you feel sentimental just as the article states it, “relies on codes and clichés that convert the higher emotions.” My mother’s home would not be home if it wasn’t for kitsch paintings or knick-knacks. She buys these things because they make her feel happy, and it the process makes the house seem warmer. Whether artists want to admit it or not, kitsch is everywhere. The article on Kitsch says, “it surrounds us on every side. Pop music, cartoons, Christmas cards.” As cheesy as some items like christmas cards or birthday cards seem, most people…show more content…
This is something that falls perfectly within the category of kitsch; something that appeals to your sweeter side. My personal taste seems to differ drastically from my mothers. Like my artistic older brother, I gravitate towards darker art and would like to see my home walls with a simpler black-and-white themed decorations one day. (I currently have posters of my favorite K-Pop groups) In my mother 's home, you can always find framed paintings of a house on the lakeside with trees and a green field. In Between the painting would be her self-made flower decorations. It’s the way I remember my house being, and my brothers have the same memories. I’ve recently went back to her apartment for the weekend and noticed a new addition to her television stand: a statuette of a praying little girl in a rose-colored dress with a halo above her blonde curly hair. There is something almost perfect about the statuette. It brings comfort to my mom’s bedroom and makes her feel happy whenever she looks at it. This is something I don’t understand about those who are against kitsch: what is so bad about an adult feeling happy from something so simple and perfect
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