Transformative Speech: My Mom's Cancer

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A. Attention Getter- I will never forget the day my mom called me and told me that she had found a lump in her breast. She immediately went to get a mammogram, and sure enough, it was breast cancer.
B. Credibility – Me and my mom have always been close, but her love and generosity amazes me more and more everyday.
C. Audience Relevancy- Imagine a close family member finding out they have cancer. Most people would be devastated, but my mom concurred through it and continued to brighten everyone’s day,
D. Thesis- Even through her journey of cancer, my mom kept a smile on her face and continued to inspire people.
E. Preview of Main Points- Cancer not only made my mom realize how lucky she was, but it also pushed her to become a better person. …show more content…

A. Mom’s Cancer
1. Her first surgery was on June 3rd, 2015, to get her port put in for chemo. I had never seen my mom in so much pain before, but she kept saying how lucky she was that she didn’t have it nearly as bad as other people. The doctor said 6 months of chemo, a double mastectomy, and then it would all be over. That would have been a great ending, but it didn’t quite end up like that.
2. There were many complications during her double mastectomy which raised some concern. What we thought was going to be 2 surgeries, turned into 7.

Transition- Although it seemed like the world was crashing around us, my mom continued to inspire people with her positivity.

B. Mom’s Positivity

1. She works as a drug and rehab councilor and has the biggest heart for people. She begged her boss to let her come work a week after her big surgery, when the doctor suggested 6 weeks off, just because she wanted to help everyone she could.
2. She has such a positive attitude towards life and always smiles at everyone she sees in hopes to make someone’s day a little better. She was always known as the “cool mom” to my friends growing up because her presence makes the room ten times

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