Essay On Rivalry In Romeo And Juliet

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In the tragic drama “Romeo and Juliet“, written by William Shakespeare between 1591 and 1595, displays the rivalry of two households, in the midst of this drama Romeo and Juliet falls in love with each other. The drama plays in far Verona, where two very powerful families the Capulets and the Montagues are bitter arch-rivals and whenever they get the chance they will fight against each other. In the first scene Benvolio tries to break apart the fight but as soon as Tybalt comes into the scene. They start fighting again, which is stopped by the Prince of Verona, Escalus, who sentences to punish public fighting with the death penalty. Romeo appears and he is melancholic about his unhappily infatuation with Rosaline, who does not reciprocate his feelings. Henceforth, Romeo feels rejected since Rosaline won’t answer his affection thus leading to his insecurities. Benvolio suggests his cousin to forget about …show more content…

He proposes that she should agree with her father and marry Paris. However, he will give her a sleep potion which will make her seem dead. And when she wakes up in the family vault, he will send Romeo to pick her up. She will then return to Mantua with Romeo and both of them will be freed from the family feud.
She gives in her father’s proposal and promises to marry Paris. The Capulets prepare the wedding and Juliet takes the potion. In the next morning, Juliet won’t wake up and Friar Lawrence claims her as ‘dead’ – knowing that she is only sleeping.
In Mantua Romeo receives the news that Juliet is death, however he did not get a letter from Friar Lawrence in which the plan of her pretend death is described. He makes up his mind and wants to lie down next to her in the family tomb. He bribes a poor apothecary who sells him a bottle of poison.
Friar Lawrence is informed that his letter to Romeo was not delivered. He is furious that his plan might not work

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