Essay On Should Minimum Wage Be Abolished

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In the article, “Minimum Wage Laws Are Immoral and Harmful”, it’s easy to identify that the issue is, should raising the minimum wage be abolished? As explained, it’s not essential for there to be a raise on minimum wage because many of whom insist for a higher wage do it because of moral beliefs. Those who ask for a higher wage tend to be the ones who like to rely on the governments assistance and do little to nothing to better themselves. This may even cause for employers to fire young and inexperienced employees whom don’t show value in the workplace so that those who show potential can keep their job. Raising the minimum wage would be the cause of the increase of the price on food, shelter, medication and clothes. Business owners have the right to run their business the way they want with the terms, goals and circumstances that they have. The author of this article concludes that all minimum wage laws should be condemned as immoral and abolished. In the second article, “There Is a Moral and Economic Case for Raising the …show more content…

Understanding that both articles had great reasoning I believe that a raise in the minimum wage can have a negative impact in our economy and that it should be something that shouldn’t be completely abolished but carefully monitored. Like stated in Minimum Wage Laws Are Immoral and Harmful, not all employees will give their full effort in the workplace because they won’t need to worry about getting a raise. The act of raising minimum wage doesn’t only affect the employers but as well as the consumers, by causing a rise in the company’s merchandise. I understand that some jobs don’t pay their employees enough, but what are the qualifications that the employees have, do they have enough experience, or a degree and have they simply demonstrated their ability’s. Keep in mind that many people just ask but don’t give to

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