Essay On The Cause Of Violence In Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout this Shakespearean play the Capulets and Montagues hatred only gets worse. The two families both have strong desires to uphold their families pride which causes them to have many faults. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare shows how love is the cause of violence, how people are driven by pride, and how family feuds can ruin lives.

The first fault in Romeo and Juliet is love is the cause of violence. Love was the cause of violence when Romeo was at the Capulet party. He attended the party because of his love for Rosaline. While at the party Romeo and Juliet saw each other and it was love at first sight. Tybalt seen Romeo at the party and was very determined to “strike him dead” (1.5.67) because of their family feud. Juliet calls love a monster for making her fall in love with her “loathed enemy.” (1.5.155)
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The two families are feuding. Between the Capulets and Montagues their is an “ancient grudge.” (prologue.6) Meaning that their feud goes back generations from generations. Romeo and Juliet are so drawn to each other they are willing to move past the petty grievances. Juliet will not “speak ill of my [her] husband.” (3.2.60)…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet's death is a prime example. The two just wanted to love each other for eternity but unfortunately they were unable to live the way they wanted to so the two “star-crossed lovers” (prologue.3) take their lives. Not only Romeo’s and Juliet's death but Tybalt's death as well. Tybalt believed that Montagues were bad and he did not really see good in them no matter what. Romeo begins to tell him “villain I am none”.(3.1.65) He does not want to kill Tybalt because he “loves thee”. (3.1.63) But prior to Romeo saying this he eventually kills Tybalt out of loyalty for killing
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