Essay On The Central Park Five

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You have been found guilty of rape and are sentenced 15 years in prison. How would you like to serve the entirety of your sentence to have your case overturned? As a juvenile? Throughout the film The Central Park Five, there are many instances in which the film questions race and class, the failing of our criminal justice system, legal protections for vulnerable juveniles, and basic human rights. Specifically, men of color are targeted and those targeted men of color were also all juveniles. This situation of the Central Park Five depicts the failed criminal justice system, the relationship citizens have with law enforcement, and a lack of basic human rights.
Imagine a warm summer night, up late with your friends, and you decide to go for a walk in the park. Seems nice, right? That walk in the park turned into a prison sentence. The Central Park Five tells the story of five black and Latino teenage boys who were accused of attacking and raping a white woman in Central Park. After nearly all the boys completed their prison sentences, the case was overturned. The boys never did anything to the woman running through Central Park. The …show more content…

In a case like this, the media should never have been involved. This only damages the integrity of the case even more. What person is going to back a group of 5 teenage boys of color when they are accused of assaulting a raping a white woman? That doesn’t give them a good look, nor does the media coverage from every outlet possible. These boys should have been treated as juveniles and they should have been guided through the entire process. They were not given a fair or accurate investigation, trial, or even a chance. The five boys were treated as if they have been in the system for the entirety of their lives. Imagine being assumed a hardcore criminal when you’re 15 years old, your assumed life of crime would have to begin the second you are

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