Essay On The Death Penalty Is Not Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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In America culture, the legal system has provided an equal criminal justice system no matter the race, gender, sexuality, religion, and culture. The death penalty is one of the heaviest debatable topic throughout history. Liberals question the mortality of ending someone life whether it’s a pleasant or virtually unethical ending. Many organizations have dedicated their life to discontinue the death penalty. Ever since the case of Furman vs. The State of Georgia; the legal system has established a guidelines and rules in order to receive the death penalty. No system of justice can produce result that are 100% certain which everyone can agree on. Mistakes will be made in any system which relies on human testimony. The case of Krone; …show more content…

It’s unfortunate that these individuals had to face this by themselves, without the proof, evidence, and validation. Capital punishment treats murders with more mercifulness and pride than the victim the murders has killed. The death penalty is the simplest method to cleanse the nation. Criminals would fear the action of government is willing to do. The act of crimes would decrease profoundly. The most common argument people like to claim is the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. The article “The Death Penalty Is Not Cruel and Unusual Punishment” acknowledges this statement “How is executing Karla Faye Tucker by lethal injection any [more] cruel than the way she used a pick-ax to viciously butcher two people to death?” People deserve the death sentence for committing a hideous and unethical crime. The government shouldn’t allow a person like Karla Faye Tucker to live. The government needs to purify and purge the nation by allowing more death penalty. The street would be cleaner and safer. The simple-minded fact that the death penalty is an impelling method to mete out punishment for atrocious, vile, monstrous crime. Those who commit barbarous crime should be put to death and not letting them free to society where it would be dangerous for the

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