Essay On The Murder Of Andrew And Abby Borden

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On the date of August 4, 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were axe murdered in their home, Lizzie should be guilty because she was the only person in the house during the time of the murders in about a 90 minute period of time, The dust in the barn was undisturbed, and she burned the dress ( Evidence). To begin, Lizzie claimed that during the fifteen minutes in which Andrew Borden was murdered in the living room, “Excepting the two or three minutes you were down cellar, where you away from the house until your father came in?” stated in the lizzie borden inquest (Page #5) during her questioning, Yet she said she was in the cellar during Andrew Borden’s death
In addition Lizzie claimed “I went out to the barn. I don't know what time he

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