Essay On The Role Of Australian Women In Ww2

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FACTORIAL EXPLANATION: THE ROLE OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN IN WW2 Before the World War 2, Australian women dependent, whose fathers or husbands worked to support their family, were paid enough money to support themselves only. They stayed at home and took care of their children. However, when the war started, the role of Australian women changed dramatically. They became an important part of the war. In fact, the women changed a lot of things. However, three big things that Australian women changed are participation in military services, education to work in skilled employment and transformation of attitudes and beliefs of society. For the first time of World War 2, Australian women were being asked to do men’s jobs, either in Services or in industry. They participated in military services. The women were recruited to many jobs which could previously have been considered too physically hard for them, for example engineers, mechanics, etc. But they worked increasingly in war industries such as military equipment, manufacturing munitions. Women also joined to the agriculture. They worked as framers to keep products. The Women’s Land Army was set to …show more content…

Women were not permitted to take on combat roles or serve outside Australia. Besides that, at the beginning of the world, the men believed the military work or some tradition men’s work don’t suit to women, the men didn’t accept this change,. However, after the World War 2, the society transformed their attitudes and beliefs to the Australian women. It demonstrates that the society accepted the women as the army and appreciated them because of their roles. Generally, the Australian women are remembered in Anzac Day. The men also changed their prejudice and got high on the women. As a result, the women’s services necessarily related to the war, especially the attitudes of the society, they deserved to being

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