Essay On Tinker Vs Des Moines

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Armband protesters suspended from school Everyone is aware of the first amendment which states that citizens should have free speech. In the Tinker v. Des Moines case, the right was violated. What actually happened in the Tinker v. Des Moines case? There were a brother and sister named John and Mary Beth Tinker who went to a Des Moines school. The Tinkers went to school one day wearing armbands to protest the Vietnam war. The school suspended them, and sent them home. The Tinkers argued that their freedom of speech was violated in the court. The court ended up ruling in favor of the Tinkers. Some people sided with the school saying that the Tinker’s suspension was fair. Others say that the Tinker’s suspension was wrong. John and Mary Beth …show more content…

This shows how the freedom of speech the students had was good for them in the future and also our community. “An amicus curiae brief filed by the U.S. National Student Association, composed of college student governments said that allowing more freedoms to students would get them ready for college and make them better citizens” (The First Amendment: Tinker v. Des Moines). According to the brief, more freedom equals better community and better college preparation. This helps the students do better. By giving them more freedom it makes a better future community. This case doesn't only affect the tinkers but also the students at school. If the school district took back the Tinker’s suspension, it would be exposed to the other students which would tell them that there is freedom. By letting them being exposed to more freedom there would be a better community and they would have a better future. Schools are supposed to help students become better at what they do, help them prepare for the future, including college, and teaches students to be "better citizens” and make a better community. In order to do that, school should give students, including the Tinkers, freedom in order for them to succeed in their future. Since giving freedom to the students is good, the Tinkers should not have been suspended for wearing the black armbands. John and Mary Beth tinker should had been allowed to wear a black armbands to school protesting the Vietnam War, which include symbolic speech, and that giving freedom to students will help students have a more successful

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