Jerry New House Case

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Part 1: Bluebook Citations and Summaries • Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Cmty. School Dist., S. Ct. 503 (U.S. 1969) - In this case, John F. Tinker (age 15 years old), his younger sister Mary Beth Tinker (age 13 years old) and Christopher Eckhardt (age 16 years old) wore black arm bands to school to display their non-support of Vietnam hostilities. The students were sent home and suspended until they returned to school without the armbands. The District Court originally ruled that the school authorities’ fear of disturbance was reasonable enough to warrant the suspension of the students. The Supreme Court however, stated that fear is not enough to overcome an individual’s right to freedom …show more content…

• Texas statutes can be found at • The administrative codes for Texas are located at$ext.ViewTAC. • State court opinions for Texas can be found at Part 3: Research Process for Jerry Newhouse Case • I would use Westlaw as my source to locate statutes and information to assist in my representation of the case. To begin my research on Mr. Newhouse’s slip and fall case, I would go into Westlaw, select “State Materials”, “Michigan”, and then “Michigan Statutes and Court Rules.” From this page, I would type in the search bar “premises liability.” In the top right hand corner under secondary sources, there is a result that populated titled § 7.Premises liability. Part 4: Source and Summary • My search on Westlaw led me to 24 Mich. Civ. Jur. Torts § 7. This states that in a premises liabilities claim, it is the duty of the owner, possessor, or occupier of the land who would be the defendant, which would be responsible for injuries on his property. The premises can be “loaned” to another party which would absolve the owner of

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