Why Do Students Wear Armbands

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Pupils were told to remove items that they wore as a result of the school decreeing students to comply. Tinker was an individual who inflexibly decided that wearing an armband to school was a quintessential way to silently fulminate the armistice of the Vietnam War. The pupils wore black armbands to school and were enjoined to remove them forthwith, and they should. The reason that the pupils should remove the redundant article is that the action was uncalled for, and they were interrupting the disciplinary rules of the school. Although pupils are empowered with the ability to wear items that impart a political message, pupils are not supposed to impede events going on in the world. Students should not wear arm bands because it violates the dress code and could be a distraction to learning.…show more content…
Students were found wearing armbands, and were told to remove them and proceeded to ignore the edict given by teachers.Pupils should not wear these armbands to school because they are disruptive, and we have recently found out that pupils are plotting against the school. Pupils are responsible for their actions and are (most of them) old enough to think for themselves so, as a result, we hold the pupils completely culpable, as long as it is the students effectuating the problem. A reason why students shouldn’t wear these armbands is that they have no apparent purpose other than to be a nuisance to the school, in addition to merely being there. The armbands do not pose a direct threat to the school, but may harm reputation. “In our system, state-operated schools may not be enclaves of totalitarianism”(Key Excerpts from the Majority Opinion). This is a prime and an antediluvian concern for many officials. Administrators are not unwavering in this communiqué, but students may be targeting the school
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