Essay On Was Reconstruction A Success Or Failure

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2. Was Reconstruction a success or a failure? Or was it something in between? In your response, consider land policy, key legislation during Presidential and Radical Reconstruction, southern politics, racial and political violence, and northern “fatigue” with Reconstruction. Be sure to make clear what you mean by success and failure. The Reconstruction of the South following the American Civil War that lasted from 1865 – 1877 under three Presidents in America. The Reconstruction was not well accepted by the Southerners and there were many obstacles during the Reconstruction process. After reading about the Reconstruction, I will say the Reconstruction period was a success and failure so it's in between. I will be listing the successes and failures during Reconstruction period. SUCCESSES 1. Education was enforced on the people in South and it was made available to all the people. …show more content…

The Compromise of 1877, this was when the Republicans can make on of their's a leader, as long as the building in the South is been taken care of. The Republican Hayes lost the popular vote against Democrat Tilden. The electoral vote was talked about since it determined the next president. Hayes won Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina, who were been governed by Republicans. Since there was a problem about the election, congress made a solution about the election but because the Republicans were more than Democrat, they made Hayes the President. Democrat had some power to call off the commission that made the election decision but in 1877, the Compromise of 1877 was passed so the Democrat finally made a decision to make Hayes the president. The compromise of 1877 was that Hayes would have to support the rebuilding levees aside the Mississippi, dissolving the troops in the South, and reconstruct railroads in

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