Tilden J. B. Hayes Essay

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Tilden J.B. Hayes What is known as the compromise of 1877 was an undocumented deal that accommodated both sides of the party running for presidency and ended the reconstruction era a term that is used to cover two parts one being the entire history of the country following the civil war which ended in 1865 and the other focuses on how the southern united states and how they build back up after the war. With the south being so vulnerable the election for presidency the election was a way of them gaining some sort of leverage. Black republicans gained no benefit from this compromise at all. They lost their power in politics. Prior to the election of Tilden and Hayes the previous president was Ulysses S. Grant who served in the military during the civil war. Grants presidency was filled with shams that would cost a great debt to the country (the panic of 1873). This led to failure of multiple banks and closing of the New York stock market the …show more content…

Tilden was a well-established man with a political background as the 25th Governor of New York and the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency in the disputed election of 1876. He won the popular vote majority, but lost by the Electoral College. His opponent was a republican by the name of Rutherford B. Hayes, 32nd Governor of Ohio who later on became the 19th President of the United States. Three southern states were in dispute over the remaining twenty votes, South Carolina Louisiana and Florida. Three states of which reconstruction republican governments were still in power. The outcome of the election hang in suspense of the decisions of these three states. As a result of such dispute, a compromise came in to play and was established by the federal commission in favor of Hayes even though he had 254,235 less popular votes than Tilden. The Democratic Party was not pleased with this outcome and in their outrage they considered having armed militants march down to Washington, but such actions did not take

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