Essay On Women's Rights In The 20th Century

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The 20th century saw a major increase in women’s rights, getting a step nearer to gender equality. It is defined as the act of treating men and women equally, having the same access to right and opportunities no matter the gender. Although it is not a reality in our world, we do have advanced in comparison to the last century. At the begging of the 20th century women still were considered the weak gender. Their education consisted on learning practical skills such as sewing, cooking, and using the new domestic inventions of the era; unfortunately, this “formal training offered women little advantage in the struggle for stable work at a liveable wage” (1). Their role in society was believed to be that of wife and mother but our mind was changing. Women started to fight for some rights such as the access to the labour force during World War I, the improvement in education allowing women to attend university, and the equality within the marriage, in order to avoid subordination of women. Probably their greatest achievement was the access to the electoral process in the United States of America. Earning the right to vote meant a recognition of women power and intelligence, as well as their ability to participate in politics. This essay will analyze how women fought for their right through some feminist movements. …show more content…

They organized the National Women Party under the leadership of Alice Paul. They argued The United States was being hypocritical, based on the fact that their solder were fighting for democracy in Europe while denying the same right in their country. Suffragist adopted aggressive tactics to get recognition and popularity for their cause. Some of the radical ways of protest consisted in chaining themselves to the fence of the White House, or starting a hunger strike after being taken as

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