Ethos In The Damned Human Race

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The essay “The Damned Human Race” by Mark Twain has been and still is a very controversial piece of writing. After reading "The Damned Human Race", One could say that Twain supports his argument with clear facts. Mark Twain’s essay used personality and outlooks between humans and animals by comparing them to one another. When analyzing Mark Twain’s essay “The Damned Human Race” he uses a persuasive writing style that is clear and to the point, he uses pathos and logos to persuade the readers to continue to understand how the human behavior works.
Throughout the essay, Mark Twain proposed many different questions and performed many experiments and what their results were and then he included them in the essay. One of his main questions that he wanted to explain was “Are human beings the lowest form of life?” (Twain) While reading, “The Damned Human Race” the reader’s attention is automatically grabbed with Twain’s efforts to satirize the theory of evolution. From the beginning of the essay Twain is out to destroy and Criticize the Darwinian’s theory. Twain uses sarcasm, pathos, and logos to ridicule the theory.
Twain uses pathos in his writings to connect the reader to the topic he is talking about. Pathos are “the emotional appeal, means to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions” (User). Authors will use pathos to gain
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“The Damned Human Race,” was very captivating but he wasn’t very truthful with all his facts. This essay was more a mockery of humans than facts. Instead of giving reasonable facts or data to prove his point he used his feelings. With many people feeling diverse ways about certain topics or situations, to make sure that you are factual you need to use appropriate facts and data to prove your point
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