Eulogy For Father

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Hope you had a good weekend, I’m taking a few minutes to write something I want to get out of my head because I will never forgive myself if I don’t try until my last breath to win the family I started. I have always reached out to God and asked for many things and that includes a family. I prayed for two years and it finally came true; my dreams of a beautiful baby girl and a gorgeous, beautiful partner. Since day one we met at Old town with angie my life forever changed. Hearing your story of a single mom who gets it done for her daughter on her own and a blood father who doesn’t even call for her daughter’s birthday that changed and gave me a purpose in life. Hearing a story of a 5 year old with no father have an armor to defend her against …show more content…

The weight a father has on child is a blessing given by God. You and I both grew up with solid fathers who worked hard for us and family. Now in my adulthood I cannot thank my father for difference he made into shaping me into who I am today. My mom made a loving difference but my father was there in things only he could’ve done. That is thing that I always wanted for angie since day one. When we both are together we are a team and a team gets it done better than one. You do so many things for me that you might not see important but they were always. Your approval or caring habits made me realize how lucky I am. You used to tell me how lucky you were. You used to tell me how attractive I was and support me when I needed to be heard and that is all I ever asked for. The last days we were together I was asked a few times by angie if I loved her. Something I never understood how my relationship with her grew by the second and ours was getting diminished by small arguments that could have taken care of with tons of talking and understanding to reach an agreement. As an adults you can tell me when something is bothering and anything can be worked out with …show more content…

I am in peace waiting for a last opportunity, if it comes the unexpected can happen, if we don’t try then I will wonder what would’ve happen. Im a do-er and recognize my mistakes. I am man enough to fix or changed things for the person I love and want a life with. I will never ruin this one because I know that I cannot be the second man who walks away from your lives. Before anything there has to be a want, a need for one another. Don’t let other describe me, you know who I am and my intentions. Risk is part of life and I know I am a risk. But in 5 years that risk might make a huge difference and might be worth taken that last chance. From my behalf you will not be disappointed. This break has shape me and I have learned about myself things I did not know. “There are certain things you can only learn in storm” is a quote that I am a living example of. I have forgiven myself for ever screaming or losing my cool. I don’t have excuses, what I have is a lot of making up to do. I am not going to play “desperate, crazy, obsessed guy, harasser” those are qualities that I am far from. I tell myself “fighter, successful, lover,

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