Euthanasia In Katherine Marsh's The Night Tourist

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What if your mother died when you were six years old? What would you do? I would be confused about what happened, but too afraid to ask. In the book The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh, Jack Perdu’s mother, the protagonist’s mom, dies when he is six. Jack was extremely confused and didn’t ask anything because he didn’t know what was going on. Therefore, I can relate to this because when I was in India for a few months, my great grandma, on my maternal side died. She was asleep and overnight she died. When she died, I thought that she was continuing to sleep. After a few hours, my family left with my grandparents on my paternal side so that my sister and I wouldn’t feel upset. Meanwhile, my parents were in melancholy and wouldn’t do anything. I was too scared to ask a question about my great grandmother.…show more content…
Jack stayed for a few more days in New York to find his mother. His mother died when he was young. He had the right to find out answers, but his father would never speak of her. Plus, he didn’t know what would happen if he asked about his mother. Euri tried helping Jack find his mother. Every time they wanted to ask a question, Cerberus, the antagonist wouldn’t let them. He would always find out that there was a living person in the underworld. Finally, when they went to the library Euri’s friend was there. He said that the map Jack was carrying around was a map of the underworld. Jack found out a clue that his mother was at a train station. First, Jack goes to the train station and a man tells him that there’s another one. Jack goes to the other one and finds his mom. Jack talks to his mother and decides that he wants her to come back to the Human World. Instead, him talking to his mother let her move on to the next stage. Even though Jack wasn’t able to bring back his mother, his father and he moved to New York. Jack makes a new friend and has an amazing life once
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