Powerful Exile In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

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In Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man, he explains how powerful exile plays an important role in the narrator’s journey to finding out who he really is. According to Edward Said “Exile is… a rift forced between a human being and a native place,…its essential sadness can never be surmounted…a potent, even enriching” .The narrator’s journey to finding who he is, was alienating and enriching. The narrator’s journey to alienation and enrichment began in chapter six of Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man. The narrator was expelled from his college by Dr.Bledsoe, the college’s president. He was expelled by Dr.Bledsoe because he took one of the college’s trustees, Mr. Norton, to “the Quarters” and “Golden Day” (Ellison 137). To keep his reputation, …show more content…

During their argument the boiler was hissing, and when the narrator was trying to lower the pressure, the boiler explodes leaving the narrator paralyzed. The narrator gets treated by the factory doctor and he was told by the doctor that he needs to find a job that more suitable him. The narrator leaves the factory hospital and he collapses on the street when he left the subway. The narrator was helped by Mary, who took the narrator to her house. When the narrator got better, he left the house. Mary told the narrator to come back, if he needed a place to rent. He later rents out a room in Mary’s house, since he cannot return to the Men’s House. One day, when the narrator was walking down the street while eating yam, he noticed an eviction of two old couples. The narrator felt sorry for the couples so he became angry, which made him give a speech. Brother Jack offers a job opportunity in the Brotherhood organization because of the inspirational speech he gave at the eviction of the old couples. He did not want accept the job until he realized that he has to pay Mary back for rent and food. He calls Brother Jack and Brother Jack took him to a hotel. Brother Jack explains what the Brotherhood is about; the narrator accepts the job, and he was told by Brother Jack that has to change his name, move to a new place, and cut all his connection with his

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