The Everest Disaster Case Study

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The Everest Disaster, a tragic incident in 1996. 3 expeditions trying to summit Everest at the same time. The Adventure Consultants, leader Rob Hall, the Mountain Madness team led by Scott Fischer and The Taiwanese Expedition led by Makalu Gau. There were a total of 33 climbers trying to summit, 19 getting trapped in the Death Zone because of a major storm. One group got lost on the South Col another stuck near the Hillary Step and another stuck near the south summit. Rob Hall, Andy Harris, Doug Hansen, Yasuko Namba, Scott Fischer, and many others unaccounted for would die in this accident. Beck Weathers and Makalu Gau were stuck in a desperate struggle for their lives, Beck being left for dead multiple times. All climbers of this expedition would be faced with the problem of saving…show more content…
On the mountain when everyone was getting separated and lost high on the mountain Anatoli actively looked for surviving climbers. He tried to rouse some of the climbers that had returned to camp but they refused to help saying they were too exhausted. Even though Anatoli himself was exhausted from the climb he kept going back to search for climbers on the South Col even if it was risking his own life. Although his early return to camp allowed him more rest to attempt a rescue. He could have collapsed from exhaustion or gotten lost but kept going back anyway. I think this may have been to make up for the times he climbed on ahead of other climbers despite being a guide. Although he did save Charlotte, Tim and Sandy from certain death. They were stuck on a ledge and lost when Anatoli found them but helped them down to camp even though it may have endangered his life by doing so. These rescue attempts could have contributed to many of the Mountain Madness Expedition surviving the storm. He also stayed on the peak helping other summiters for a time, this helped speed up the process a bit so more people could reach the
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